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Mindanao Art 2022 opens to a wider audience on October 15 with a declaration that Art when Aligned and Interconnected, is Art that will prosper against all odds and tell the story of our People in all forms and colors only Art can express. Discerning an interconnectedness in our hearts, the ground for the emergence of true Mindanao Art is thus made fertile.

This is Mindanao Art 2022, together we declare : Aligned and Interconnected.

Aligned and Interconnected


There must be more to being connected than how we connect today.

There must be more to alignment than the lines we draw and say.


Drawn away from what’s essential, always enticing, ever inviting,

AI shackles us to the mundane — dancing, arguing, our time a-wasting.


Insidious in its ways, our consciousness is ripped at the core

Gone are the depths leaving just a craving for more, more, more.


What is artificial soon takes over our thoughts and actions

Numbing us to nature, dumbing down our emotions.


Let not Artificial Intelligence dehumanize our generations

Instead make AI fuel a soul-centered rejuvenation.


Attach not to activities that enslave and daze,

Feed the desire to find depths in our ways.

Embrace the wind, touch and smell real flowers,

Feel the earth, ground and access your power.


Be awed as lightning announces a downpour,

Get drenched by the rain, breathe in the petrichor.


Rejoice with each rainbow, dance, sing, celebrate,

Listen to rippling waters and the crash of waves.


Gaze at the moon, count the stars, draw in the vast skies,

Be hypnotized by the dewdrop that welcomes each sunrise.


Align our thoughts with love and life in all aspects,

Nurture, share, and with the elements interconnect.


To align and interconnect, to resonate with real artistry

To nurture our souls by becoming one with all that be.


This is the AI that nurtures, the AI that is real,

Alignment and interconnectedness to our loftiest ideals.


Music that celebrates nature, words that enlighten

Thru faith that can move mountains and visuals that awaken.


We align with our cultures, we connect to each other

In that alignment and interconnectedness we all prosper.


As we nourish our souls in establishing our identity

We are able to define Mindanao Art and our humanity.

The Healing Hearts Bears
The Healing Hearts Bears was conceived as a volunteer-driven Amigurumi bear-making project to bring comfort and healing to children with cancer at the Children’s Cancer Institute of Southern Philippines Medical Center in Davao City. It is an experiment on infusing healing energies in teddy bears to help in the healing journey of children with cancer.
In addition to the few volunteer crocheters, the Healing Hearts Bears is now a livelihood project for Persons Deprived of Liberty at the Davao City Jail. The PDLs are taught to meditate to experience healing not only of the physical but also the spiritual body, using the Pranic Healing technology in a bigger experiment to heal and change lives.
Catch the full video to be launched on-site in Mindanao Art Fair 2022 this coming October 15-November 5, 2022.
Art moves
Art moves in an ecosystem of communities, Each artist respecting, each genre co-existing. Art moves ideas, igniting the artists within. Thoughts, movements, colors, and forms merging.
Art moves is a fusion project of Mindanao Art, the visual arts represented by Mugna Heneral Art Group, dance by Teatro Ambahanon and film by Ar-Ar Nwebe.
Conceptualized by Kublai Millan, accompanied by a poem written by Kublai Millan and Stella Estremera.
Catch the full video to be launched on-site in Mindanao Art Fair 2022 this coming October 15-November 5.

Open Hours

Monday to Sunday: 9am – 5pm
Holidays: Closed